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Customized Customer Service & Management training tailored to fit your needs. 

What type of Businesses do we offer training?


Every business dealing with the public can benefit from customer service training. Not only does it improve customer satisfaction but it also reduces turn over rate. 


Every industry is busy and time is the hardest thing to give away. For that reason, CSSmiles will go to your establishment to conduct the training or can be provided via ZOOM. It can be difficult to allow ALL employees to be in training at the same time so we can conduct the training to your needs. Split training can allow ALL employees to obtain the training at different times. Customer Service and Management training is crucial for proper growth and continued success. 

Digital Work Life


Studies have shown that when associates receive in person training their retention increases significantly. It eliminates outside disturbances and creates a more involvement.

Information Technology


We live in a digital era. A lot of associates are working from home for different industries. ZOOM allows a personalized training environment for our at-home-workers.

Customer Service Training

CS Training specializes in service excellence. We break down basic principles of Customer Service and mold them to the correct industry for your business. 

Management Training

Management sets the tone of your company. A refresher course on how to properly manage employees is key for employee retention. "Most people do not quit the job, the quit the management team." 


I have created a new program to get an inside look at how your business is being ran when nobody is looking. With this program you will have an opportunity to really dive into the heart of your business. 
Once completed it will include Customer Service & Management Training for all associates. 

Are you looking to boost your sales? CS Smiles offers a comprehensive training module to increase your sales with sales tragedies. 

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